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Soufflé de Pollen

BARCELONA, Spain, HP today announced that Jane le Besque, a British artist living near Geneva, used HP Indigo digital technology to cost-effectively print copies of her latest publication, Soufflé de Pollen.

Passionate about cooking, the prehistory and the evolution of religions, Jane Le Besque has been painting and researching these subjects for twenty years. She lives in a quiet environment on the French border near Geneva where she finds all her inspiration for her art, using pencils, paints, brushes and canvas to create her work.

In 2006, a friend suggested she digitally print all her paintings and drawings as well as her increasing collection of recipes in one book. The concept of sharing easily her creations has always captured Jane’s imagination, and the idea of making a book and sharing her work with art and enthusiast cookers across Europe seemed like a fantastic opportunity.

“When I started this book project 20 years ago, it was just a few recipes on paper, some pictures that I had taken at different occasions and a lot of canvases stored in my workshop,” said Jane Le Besque. “HP digital printing technology enabled me to easily gather all the content into one, high quality book, Soufflé de Pollen”.

“Being an artist, I usually use traditional techniques so I hadn’t considered printing a book using digital technology. I also conceive the job of printing as only being carried out by printing companies and would have never imagined that it would open so many doors for my career,” Jane Le Besque continued. Soufflé de Pollen was printed by Eichut digital print, of Rehovot, Israel, on an HP Indigo press 5500. The cover, printed on textured paper (Fedrigoni, Tintoretto, 250gsm), was printed on the same press. The company bound the book using a 2mm board onto which they applied the printed cover. The pages were then hot glued and attached to the covers.

A year after Soufflé de Pollen was published, Jane Le Besque was given the opportunity to promote her book more widely. The popularity of the book soon gathered momentum and it was nominated for the Eugénie Brazier Prize – “Prix de l’Iconographie,” awarded to an illustrator or photographer of a book about cooking.(1)

In 2008, The Contemporary Art Centre of Lacoux (France) held an exhibition, showcasing Jane’s book with recipes and paintings featured on the walls. During the show, Jane met a visitor who invited her to the ‘Festival du Film du Goût’ of Louhans-Châteaurenard (France) hosted that year by Claude Chabrol, where she was able to present her book to one of the most important French movie directors.

In January 2009, she sent her book to an art gallery in Belgium which promptly contacted her to discuss exhibiting her work. In spring, the Television Suisse Romande made a documentary about her work and how her book became a springboard for her success.

“Digital print has given many customers the ability to create high-end products such as books in very small quantities. They can easily turn their own content such as stories, recipes, songs, etc. Into high quality and impactful books. Jane’s book is a well put together combination of exquisite art and private recipes,” explained Asi Ben-tov, manager, Eichut digital print. “HP Indigo presses deliver high quality and fast print speeds, up to seven colours, cost-effectively for very short runs. We chose to use HP technology as we believe that the HP electroink provides the best look and feel in the industry and quality is what we are known for.”

“Soufflé de Pollen has been a completely unexpected success,” said Jane Le Besque. “As a snowball rolling down the hill and getting grower larger as it goes, I’m still amazed by how digital printing has played such an important role in my artistic career and how a few copies of a book connected me with so many people. I now have a better understanding of how digital technology can enable the production of first-time and one-off publications. I have received an excellent support from Eichut digital print and their HP Indigo press deliver results that still surprise me” who provided an excellent service.”

Jane Le Besque is currently working on two new projects, The Book of Luke and Prehistoric dainties, for which she is also considering digital print. Jane developed this book with the wide range of medias that digital printing can support in mind. Prehistoric Dainties will associate pictures, drawings and paintings printed on three different substrates, watercolour paper, photo gloss paper and translucent plastic film.

“These three media represent a true challenge from a technical standpoint but add an impactful dimension to the reading as the pictures change personality according to the media. With HP Indigo I’m confident that the result will be outstanding will,” concluded Jane Le Besque.

Jane Le Besque’s experience demonstrates how HP is offering to anyone the possibilities of digital printing. Everything starts with an idea, if you have one, HP digital technologies will make it possible to share emotions with friends. They are many more books like this one to be printed across the globe…


(1) Eugénie Brazier (1895–1977), a leading chef and rest auteur received three Michelin stars each for two restaurants

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