Un soufflé de pollen : recettes et peintures

Librairie Central, Ferney-Voltaire
Here is a book that is atypical to say the least, which mixes pictorial art with culinary art. With “Un soufflé de pollen“, the Gessian Jane Le Besque wanted to bring a romantic vision straight from our distant ancestors. The book therefore proposes, in a bilingual version (French-English, due to the author’s origins), “natural” recipes for which it is fashionable to find the ingredients oneself, in the woods or in the fields. You can discover how to cook wild spinach, for example, or acorn pâté, carrots caramelised in butter, pork stew with sour apples and wild raspberries in cream sauce. In all, twenty-seven recipes are available to make up a meal (or even several) that is 100% natural. But as Jane Le Besque is also, and above all, a pictorial artist, she has attached drawings, collages and paintings, sometimes more or less related to the subject (“La figue”, “Picnic day” … ), often none at all (“Auto portrait” “War again” … ).
In the end, the result is a very digestible whole, rather heterogeneous but which can be enjoyed without moderation. A delight!

Jane Le Besque