Sud Ouest

(Translated from French by JLB)

La Galerie de la Maison, Champagne-Vigny.

Born in England, Jane Le Besque chose to live and work with her family at the foot of the French Jura, her studio in the heart of the forest. “I wanted it this way because I like the idea of living like a tree”, says the painter. She finds her happiness and inspiration by walking in the forest. The exhibition of her creations at the Galerie de la Maison is an invitation to spend a day in the woods. From dawn to dusk. From the infinitely large to the infinitely small. “Most of the time the eye is drawn to trees, but there is a whole life in them that many people don’t perceive”. A secret and wild life that Jane feels with each step she takes through the forest and that she has reproduced using an original technique: “Aquallage“. It is a mixture of watercolour and collage.

Staging. “I like the fluid side of watercolour. You are freer in your movements while having the sensation of giving life “. Already at the Birmingham College of Fine Arts, from which she graduated, she had already set her sights on watercolour, which had however bad press with her teachers. This passion for watercolour did not diminish during her studies at the Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Paris, then her artistic work in Toulouse, London and now Geneva. In order to give depth to her paintings, she started to tear paper and then to glue these pieces of paper on her watercolours in the image of a theatrical staging. The twenty or so “Aquallages” that hang on the picture rails of the Galerie de la Maison offer strong and abundant images of the forest between deep and mysterious blacks and touches of light full of life.

Jane Le Besque