Un soufflé de pollen

Painting and recipes


With the help of Hewlett Packard

Collection: Foundation Humus


Nominated for the prize of Iconography Eugenie Brazier, 2007


Editions: Jane le Besque


A soufflé of Pollen is a collection of recipes and drawings into which I have woven my own romantic vision of the Gatherer, Hunter, and Cultivator.

It also describes happy times spent with my friends and family.

Since I was very little I have had a tendency to dress in moss skirts embedded with fresh peas and wear glorious knickers strung together with fig leaf stems and picnic in the hedgerows alone. This behavior is perhaps a result of combining a religious education with Loana, played by the all-inspiring Raquel Welch, in the film, One Million Years B.C.

All the ingredients in the book are edible but be aware of all the disadvantages of gathering your own food if you are a Romantic Gatherer for the first time.