Leaf edges

Electron and optical microscope imaging, A. Parisotto
Photoshop, Jane Le Besque

S. Jovibarba hirta, Purpurea x10
S. Jovibarba hirta, Purpurea x 20
S. Jovibarba hirta, Purpurea x50
S. Italicum x20
S. Arachnoideum, Emily x5
S. Regal x10
S. Boutignyanum x30
S. Boutignyanum x20
S. Boutignyanum x10

The following images represent a handful of Sempervivum characteristics. The objective of this work is to plunge into the heart of Sempervivum. To the naked eye, particularly between natural species plants may appear to be similar, yet Electron and optical microscope imaging reveal differences between hair filaments, spikes, and nodes protruding from the leaf tips.