Franck Poly

Sempervivum producer and collector

After 20 years of research at CNRS, (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) in soil ecology and microorganisms I was offered the opportunity to take over an important collection of Sempervivum.

My passion for these plants with aesthetic assets and incredible survival capacities began a while ago when I was creating a green roof punctuated with Sempervivum for my home.

The opportunity to pursue my passion (which was by then a hobby that had grown to unreasonable proportions) was too strong to resist a change of career, so in 2015 I stopped my research at CNRS and devoted my time to the cultivation of Sempervivum. The collection continues to grow, in five years it has more than doubled to reach more than 800 taxa.

In this new life of cultivating Sempervivum and searching for new taxa, an important and equally motivating aspect of the collection, is the promotion of the plants and the transmission of this passion to a large public.

The objective of the transmission is to help people discover these irresistible plants and to understand the necessity for the architecture behind their characteristic rosette forms and distinguishing attributes that metamorphose over the seasons by dramatically changing colours.

Their charm also stems from their astonishing ability to resist extreme differences in temperatures between hot arid summers and freezing harsh winters, making them the perfect carefree plants for gardeners looking for plants with few constraints. They are able to transform and embellish a simple terrace pot, some species grow tall to enhance a green roof or even generously decorate a beautiful rock garden.



o   Terminologies of forms

§  Botanic, Illustrated

§  Algorithmic (illustrated?) (?)

o   Sempervivum biology

§  Introduction

§  The Sempervivoideae sub-family

·         Accepted Species of Sempervivum

·         Geographical distribution

·         Endangered species

§  Characteristics and survival strategies

·         Hair

·         Spikes

·         Rosettes

·         Photosynthesis

·         Chlorophyll, Anthocyanins and Carotenoids

·         Antifreeze

§  Reproduction

·         Roots

·         Flowers

§  Identification

o   Sempervivum uses

§  Medicinal usage

·         Folklore and traditional medicine

·         Evolved Sempervivum immunity defence system

§  Fire and lightning repellent: folklore and fact

§  Contemporary architecture and rooftop biodiversity

§  Growing sempervivum at home