Ad Hoc Orquestra

A custom neural network was trained on the paintings, and linked to the music by a harmonic analysis for the duration of each frame, and using the output to drive the neural network to generate video. It responds directly to the music, but in completely unpredictable and organic ways.

Based in Brazil, Ad Hoc is an orchestral sound experience. Based on the practice created by Butch Morris, Conduction®; this project aims the collaboration between diverse artists, creating and enjoying music in real time.

Each concert and record has it own personality. All of them oddly handmade, created by a specific group of musicians who were willing to collaborate in the deepest levels of communication.

Adapted from


A Sempervivum Rickshaw collaborative project with :

Jane  Le Besque, Artist
Brennan Goddard, Physicist
Ad Hoc Orquestra, Organic improvisations