The aberrant terrors

Pathogen mutations, Beings

Mycobacterium tuberculosis
First evidence: 7000 BC
Location: Israel to Worldwide
Vector: Cattle to human to human

Yersinia pestis
Black Death, Justinian Plague…
First record: 4000 B.C.E.
Location: Worldwide
Vector: Flee to rat to human to human

Treponema pallidum
First record: 3000 BC
Vector: Baboons? to human to human
Location: Old world/New world to Worldwide

Orthopoxvirus, Variola virus
Smallpox, Antonine’s Plague, Japanese Smallpox
First record: 1350 B.C.E
Vector: Human to human
Location: Worldwide

Human immunodeficiency virus
First record: 1959
Location: Democratic Republic of Congo to Worldwide
Vector: Primates to human to human


Tirage photo ultraHD sous Plexi
40 x 40 cm minimum to 120 x 120 cm maximum

I made the images using digital manipulations and photographs of matter from my studio and garden.