with myself

Watercolour on paper


Devenir arbre, 300x20cm


Hayberry chutney, 30x900cm


I’d like to be a bird, 20x240cm

King Solomon’s hayberry chutney

Gently heat in a large pan lengths of sugar cane until the syrup runs and mixes with the vinegar. Chop the apples, onions and carrots. Turn the ingredients into the pan. Add the hayberries to the ingredients. Gently bring it all to the boil. Add a little brine. Continue to simmer gently. Stir from time to time. Stop the cooking when the chutney thickens enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon. Pour the chutney into pots and seal. Leave the chutney to mature two months before trying.

Serve in hollowed out sugar canes.