Alessandro Parisotto

Soft Matter Physics, Adolphe Merkle Institute.

Electron and optical microscope imaging.

Photoshop, Jane Le Besque.


During my studies, art and science existed in different worlds, I thought that art was a home for whimsy, science was a place for truth and the two just didn’t mix.

However, seeing the various hybrids that Frank created and the methodical approach which Jane used to grow and document the Joubarbe in her Art made me realize that perhaps our two worlds could mix.

As I am pursuing a PhD in bio-inspired materials, my 9 to 5 day revolves around the study of natural colours at the nanoscale. I was really interested in the plants that Jane grew and I wanted to study them more closely. Inadvertently, I had jumped aboard the Sempervivum Rickshaw.

Although I am not an artist, working with Jane to increase her vision in to the microscopic has been a  great inspiration for me to be more creative in my own work, to be freer with my ideas and more open to new perspectives.

My contribution to the Sempervivum Rickshaw is to document Sempervivum at the microscale. I do this with the use of both optical and electronic microscopes, which use visible light and electrons respectively to image the plants.