Archaic viruses and bacteria

Pathogen mutations, Beings

Janibacter melonis, Janthinobacterium
2.7 million-year-old sample
Size: 1.5–3.0 mm.
Transmission: Soil to human.
Habitat: Siberian permafrost. Case: 1, 2005

Size: 1.7–3.4 µm.
Transmission: Water, permafrost to human
Habitat: Alpine mountains, Siberia.
Case: Rare

Mollivirus Sibericum, virus
30,000-year-old sample.
Size: 0.6–1.5 µm.
Habitat: Permafrost, Alpine glacier.
Case: None

Pithovirus sibericum,
30,000-year-old sample
Size: 1.5 μm.
Transmission: Permafrost to human
Habitat: Siberia. Case: ?

Sphingomonas glacialis, virus
2.7 million-year-old sample.
Size: 1.8–2.2 mm long.
Transmission: Permafrost to human.
Habitat: Alps. Case: Rare


Tirage photo ultraHD sous Plexi
40 x 40 cm minimum to 120 x 120 cm maximum

Inspired by revived archaic species of viruses and bacteria found in thawing permafrost across Siberia, Alpine, and Tibetan mountains, I made the images using digital manipulations and photographs of matter from my studio and garden.