The aberrant terrors

Smallpox virus, variola virus Antonine’s Plague, Japanesse Smallpox,
First record: 1350 B.C.E
Size: 220–450 nm 1–3 µm
Transmission: Human to human
Location: Worldwide
Number of deaths: 300 million people recorded since 1900

Yersinia pestis, Enterobacteriaceae Black Death, Justinian Plague…
First record: 4000 B.C.E.
Size: 1–3 µm
Transmission: Flee to rat to human to human
Location: Worldwide
Number of deaths: 75 million people in 1340, >

Vibrio cholerae, Spirochaetaceae Cholera 
Bacterium size: length 0.5-0.8 µm 1–3 µm
Transmission:  Contaminated water
Location: India to Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East
Number of deaths per year: 21 000 – 143 000

Retroviridaee, Lentivirus HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), 1959
Size: 80–100 nm
Transmission: Primates to human to human
Location: Democratic Republic of Congo to Worldwide
Number of deaths: 36.3 million

Flavivirus, Yellow Fever, 1648
ize: 40–65 nm
Transmission: Mosquitoe to human to mosquitoe to human
Location: Africa to Caribbean Islands, America
Number of deaths: 6.32 million >

Treponema pallidum, Spirochaetaceae Syphilis, 3000 BC
Size: 6–15 μm
Transmission: Baboons? to human to human
Location: Old world/New world to Worldwide
Number of deaths: millions >

I made the images using digital manipulations and photographs of matter from my studio and garden.