Abandoned gardens

Photographed recently,

Cévennes mountains, my own garden

Under the theme of “gardens”, the photographs, taken whilst I am walking through many different landscapes, are a collection of ideas of what I would like to see in my garden.

A garden is a defined area which separates one space from another i.e a cultivated space from another cultivated space – a cultivated space from the natural world… I use the word “garden” to define what is in my view finder from what is not and later what is in my painting or not. The view finder is my garden likewise are my paintings.

I have a lot of work to do to improve my photography skills and none of them have been photoshopped.  My attitude is what to do with all my photos so thought that I must as well put them on my website and hope someone may enjoy them ! One day I might get around to identifying the different species, any help is appreciated!