Les petites histoires des oeuvres du Puls’art


(Translated from French by JLB)

Le Mans
After the four artists presented yesterday, enter once again into the intimacy of the works of creators exhibited at the palace of ephemeral arts. To be discovered until Sunday, near the museum of Tessé.

The Saint-François de Jane Le Besque: I live near Geneva and what I have painted in this picture is what I can see from my studio: the back of my garden and the mountains,” says the artist. This painting is a reflection on the fact that we are all, whatever our social condition, Saint Francis. We all have the desire to be close to nature and to feed the birds. Because birds are free beings and we ourselves have constraints, those that make it impossible for us to return to the Garden of Eden. This painting is made of mixed techniques, with a lot of collages, which I use very often in my work

Jane Le Besque