Le Gessian

(Translated from French by JLB)

Exhibiting art outside the traditional gallery setting was the aim of the “Artists in the Garden” exhibition on Sunday, which took place for the second year in Pregnin.

Organised at the instigation of three local residents, Yvette David, Françoise Miss and Jane Le Besque, this initiative allowed a day of conviviality and discovery of artists from different horizons. The principle of this initiative. Totally private, and which wants to avoid any institutionalization in order to preserve its spontaneity and originality, is to exhibit works in the hearts of individuals. And it must be said that Pregnin represented the ideal village, so charming are the gardens of the old restored houses and the more contemporary residences! Friends of the organisers, friends of friends, and of course the houses of the commune were therefore invited to stroll from one garden to another, to discover works as diverse as they were original. If the works had been distributed randomly among the houses, it was curiously appropriate. The owners, but also certain artists, welcomed visitors over a drink, for a little more conviviality and exchange. It was as if you were getting together with friends to talk about art and show what each other was doing,” Yvette David remarked.

Some artists who have chosen another mode of expression than painting have also participated. This is the case of Fikre Gehre Kidane, a star dancer from the Addis Ababa theatre, who missed a demonstration of traditional Ethiopian dances during the afternoon. In the end, it was an opening day to art, an original approach and a moment of relaxation with the works of Jane Le Besque, artist living in Pregnin and co-organiser of this day. Appreciated and likely to be repeated next year, to the delight of all!

Jane Le Besque