Palais Bondy


Lyon, France

Then the worst, and first of all the most famous: Jacques Truphémus in the lead. Dare I dare to damage the reputation of the idol by saying that out of the three works presented, two are real tartouzes, trying spinach dishes? Marie-Thérèse Bourrat was no longer a great fan of the art critic René Deroudille in the last years of her life. What would he say to his submissions this year? Three works out of four are rather mediocre, a fate of the lot for this mutinous side which made the glory of this artist. I’ll let you find out which one. His friend, Juliette Beaudroit reveals certain impulses. Painting can also serve this purpose. Régis Bernard will never win in a sprint, like his cyclists stuck in the material. Alain Demond’s canvases seem to be frozen, stuck in time, which is decidedly passing too quickly for him. François Dupuis is a follower of Rustin. There are so many plagiarists here that we could not name them all. Gilbert Houbre composes canvases from another era, as can be seen in the Northern Territories, Belgium and Flanders. Mathias Souverbie claims to be a sculptor. He bears a famous name, without making good use of it.

Among our true pleasures is Jane Le Besque, who expresses all the poetic vehemence of an exuberant and rebellious England.

Alain Roll puts all his energy into his canvases. They are, like him, constructed, resistant, yes, robust and bearers of convictions, even if man is sometimes affected by doubt, whether it be still lifes or landscapes, such as those of Switzerland, which he often visits. Françoise Turin is also an outsider artist, as the trendy say. She deserves your interest. Let us pay tribute to the determinism of Marcelle Benhamou. Ariel who now draws characters of a more imposing format to serve religious themes such as the Nativity. A tradition in his research when we know the vocation he rightly attributed to himself as an illustrator of the Bible. Evelyne Postic is accomplished in large formats.

excerpt : Alain Vollerin

Jane Le Besque