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 A sempervivum Rickshaw and other stories

20 avril/20 septembre 2021
Devant l'Arcade des HUG | Hôpital
Bâtiment Gustave Julliard | 1er étage
Rue Alcide-Jentzer 17 | 1205 Genève


Sempervivum Rickshaw

Sempervivum Rickshaw began its journey on a vegatale roof in the form of a whirlwind of succulents, paintings, photographs, books, poems, AI images, music and ideas. At the centre was Jane Le Besque, who linked the gatherings, each with her own deep knowledge, helping to deepen the understanding of Sempervivum and to keep the records on a scientific line of truth that complements the understanding of the historical uses of Sempervivum.

The Rickshaw is the means of transport, the movement of collaborative ideas between a botanist and an artist, between an artist and a physicist, between an artist and a poet, a poet and a musician, a musician and a physicist. It is an exploration, an interaction, a translation, sometimes an entity, sometimes a hybridization that moves from a physical component to a frequency, a vibration. The Rickshaw has been pulled and pushed through different landscapes, twisting, branching, crossing its own path, disappearing and reappearing.

At certain points along this trajectory, ideas have materialised into expressions of the personal truths explored by its drivers. The observations collected here are those manifestations: paintings, plants, poems, music, videos, computer codes, images, books deposited at the edge of the Sempervivum Rickshaw’s path.

The passengers currently on board the Sempervivum Rickshaw are:-

FRANCK POLY, producer and collector of Sempervivum.
JIMMY HERDBERG, Audial Vibrations
ALESSANDRO PARISOTTO, Physics of soft matter

Jane Le Besque