Galerie Françoise Besson & Art Room 03

Under The Snow

December 2014 / January 2015

Art Room 3
Thones, France

Jane Le Besque works for contemporary ecology

Undefinable, contemporary art is a marvelous communication bridge that does not imply easy or direct understanding but encourages questioning and reflection. The artists of our time bear witness in vivo to the world they face and invite us to grasp the contribution of their works in our eyes. At the “ Art Room “ gallery, 3 Le Brava building in Thônes, Jean-Philippe Besson and his sister Françoise present until January 25th “Under the snow”, an exhibition of contemporary art presenting paintings by Jane Le Besque.

An artist born in Canterbury in the United Kingdom, now living in the Pays de Gex between the Jura mountains and Lake Geneva, Jane Le Besque has a solid background – Hastings College of Art, Birmingham School of Art and Design, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris – which has given her the means to deal with her inspirations. In this exhibition, her large solitary or assembled panels display plant architectures where biological complexity suggests representations of life: birth, growth and inevitable decline. The artist adds: “In general, my paintings represent nature and its evolutionary process, which affects man at the very depths of his existence and in the environment he himself has shaped; nature’s original contact with the epidermis, as much as the air we breathe, are today dependent on the activity of men who evolve, travel and pollute in this beautiful garden, initially magnificent”.

Sensitive to these labyrinths where creative photosynthesis has inexorably woven our universe, the spectator will wonder about his own genesis and his relationship to the world. They will also be able to note to go and see Jane Le Besque’s next exhibition, “Moveable Garden”, which deals with the forest and its mysteries. An event not to be missed, in March at the Opera of Lyon, a stone’s throw from Françoise Besson’s gallery located at 10 rue de Crimée.



Jane Le Besque