La Depeche du midi

(Translated from French by JLB).
Diagonal Café, Toulouse

Amateurs could also “have their picture taken” as superheroes – or as Amazons – “La patronne du Diagonal” and her sister did not hesitate to be the first to play.

Neolithic Santa Claus, a thousand years old, in the Cosmos, naked, in an Adam’s garment, a monster or even in a garter belt”: the variations of about twenty Toulouse artists on this theme of circumstance were the occasion for the Vertical Association and the “Diagonal Café” to stage a delirious auction.

A pagan icon “Le cochon de la fertilité” by Jane Le Besque sold the best followed by a “Gros plan sur la cape du Père Noël” abstract painting by Latrémolière and a surprising coat “De feuilles et fil de fer” by Line Tine.

The numerous and well-informed public, sulking “Les jambes du Père Noël” (Santa’s legs) by an androgynous Rosinski, or a more straw-coloured work by Philippe Hortala entitled (watch out for the ears) “Les Poil du cul du Père Noël” (Santa’s arse hairs).

From polymethane to cabbage leaf or chocolate, the artists have played with a wide variety of materials to give birth to fantastical visions, tender or squeaky, unconscious, haunted, which prove, if there was any need for it, to the miscreants that Santa Claus, this “Doctor Jekill and Mister Hyde” does exist… At least in our heads. We can meet him at the “Diagonal Café” place des Carmes on Thursday evening in Toulouse.

Jane Le Besque