Culinary event in my studio

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A Mesolithic garden and other stories

Event for 40 people

Photographs, Philippe Tarbouriech

During the evening the participants were introduced to a mythical feast, 10,ooo years of cooking, intended to expose the evolution of the “plate”, more precisely its contents. The ingredients used were authentic to each specific era and the rest was a fanciful and poetic “mise-en-scene”.


Mesolithic – from the forest and lake

Spring Green Crudities

Morass Quell

Siva Gook

Lemanic Plateau- a fish dish


Neolithic – from the field and stable

Linseed Bread

Poppy-Seed Balls

Roasted Local Boar with Pea Purée


Bronze Age – from the dairy

Ploughman’s Brow


Iron Age – on the road

Travelers’ Treats

Sweet Oat Cakes



Cocktail surprise inspired by the research of Patrick McGovern



Herbal infusion prepared especially for Slow Food Convivium by the herbalist Jean Maison

Mesolithic, Neolithic

Jane Le Besque