Cote Magazine

(Translated from French by JLB)

Spa Valmont, Les Airelles de Courchevel

This dashing British artist has a whimsical approach to human, plant and animal microcosms. At Les Airelles, she reveals her vision of the vegetable garden in an imposing collage of vibrant colours. The work will appear in the treatment booklets offered in the Valmont Spas. From the vegetable garden to the spa, it’s all about cultivating your well-being!

A Saint-Bernard stands guard in front of the charming hotel Les Airelles throughout the 2010/2011 season. Have no fear, this is the latest work of the former Swiss ski champion and now sculptor. William Besse. The latter has made a monumental wooden totem pole with a chainsaw in the effigy of this faithful companion. The result is simply astonishing!

Jane Le Besque