Centre d’art Contemporain de Lacoux


Catalogue Ciddle 1

Originally from Great Britain and living in the Pays de Gex, Jane Le Besque is an artist whose practice mixes watercolours, collages, paintings and culinary advice, tackling human, plant and animal microcosms. Through a singular approach to these modes of plastic expression, she reveals a delirious world, a sort of whimsical lost paradise where nature seems to take back its rights.

After training at art schools in Birmingham and Paris, Jane Le Besque exhibits in France and Switzerland. For the past twenty years, she has been freely switching from oil painting on wood to collage, to which she has devoted herself totally for the past 5 years. “Collages are very mobile, you can move everything. I find materials that I collect in the woods, for cooking and painting. The flowers end up either in a dish or in a painting!” (J.Le Besque).

At the Centre d’Art, the exhibition “Catalogue Ciddle1” presents a new panel of works set out in space in a perspective of free narration: each space unfolds in its own identity; all of them nourish an extraordinary, unfinished story. Humorous connotations, the subject matter is offbeat… No doubt an English recipe for happiness.

An atypical resonance effect is generated by the encounter between Jane Le Besque’s microcosm and the area of the art centre, a setting on a mountainside in a natural environment, which, from its wall surfaces to its floor coverings, lets a wind of British eccentricity blow freely through and through.



Helene Lallier,

Directrice of the Centre d’art contemporain de Lacoux

Jane Le Besque