Artist Statement

Artist Statement, Jane Le Besque

Associations: VISARTE GENEVE

Attempting to tie together mythological stories of creation with current scientific knowledge, (some of which may in time also be fiction), I collect organic materials and minerals around me to paint. From this pâté of material. I create a visual alphabet in the same way atoms, molecules, and amino acids form building blocks of life with infinite evolving forms. I also create recipes using foraged ingredients to explore the invisible and mysterious. Their fragrances carried in wind for millennia connect me to the past and allow me to imagine ancestral ways.

My website covers thirty years of work starting with profane paintings of the nineties; as my artwork developed, angel forms metamorphosed into birds and bees seen in Eden and Moveable garden paintings; today I paint Nature as it is intending to note a portion of its endless creations’.

Jane Le Besque