About the artist

Who am I ?

I was born in 1965 in Canterbury, England. I studied Fine Art at Hastings and Birmingham art colleges, England and continued at École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, Paris, France.
I live near to Geneva, Switzerland and exhibit my work in international galleries and museums since.
April starts with “Vibrations” which links paintings, AI and music. It explores the lines between scientific and artistic expression as part of the Sempervivum Rickshaw collaboration. “Vibrations” uses Deep Learning techniques from Artificial Intelligence to generate video from the harmonics and tonal variations in specially composed music, itself generated algorithmically.
A collaborative project with with Brennan Goddard, Physicist /Jimmy Herdberg, Audial Vibrations. Please visit our “OpenSea” page by clicking on the box :
I paint flying creatures and vegetal portraits on paper with watercolours and other materials. I use collage with the objective of traveling into different dimensions spiritual and physical.
The artist book is (for me) the equivalent of a dance over which each dancer (poet or painter) does their “thing”. With a pen or brush stroke the equivalent of a Hip hop and a Paso doble of this unlikely duet is traced over the pages.
Some of my book partners include: Joël Bastard, Jean Maison, Rachel Nisbet and Aline Perier.
I have always had a passion for cooking and prehistory. It started as a child when I understood that food gathered in the wild held a truth that our distant ancestors would have known. Gathering and consuming today plants and berries that grew thousands of years ago bridges the gap between the past and present. What started as a game has become a passion enhanced with my theory that if our ancestors were able to create the cave paintings seen at the sites of Lascaux, Chauvet… with pigment, they were surely able to create a fine feast with “piment” (herbs) and other ingredients?
My “Mesolithic gastronomic evenings” have been sponsored by CONVIVIUM SLOW FOOD IN GENEVA.
From time to time I make creatures or dolls, plates, lamp shades … made from material I find on the floor.
Unexpectedly some of the creations such as “artist plates”, sponsored by the Fondation Valmont, made at the Fondation Tallers Josep Llorens Artigas, Spain have found their way to museums, even exhibited at an official Collateral Event of the 56th Venice Biennale. I also created a number of glass sculptures in Murano, Italy edited by Ateliers Berengo.
My garden creations are characterized by symbolic themes with a choice of trees and shrubs growing at a time of the ancient world.
During 2020 I designed a number of gardens for friends under the eye of the blackbird, Head Gardener, who is not always in agreement with my plantations.
I create wallpaper for ROBIN SRONG BESPOKE WALLPAPER, “multi-award winning wallpaper studio and one of South Africa’s leading bespoke wallpaper companies, cultivating designs that showcase modern innovative aesthetics, brought together by a range of diversely cultured designers”.