A Sempervivum Rickshaw

 A sempervivum Rickshaw

A collaborative project with :

The Sempervivum Rickshaw grew from a flat roof. A swirl of succulent plants, paintings, photographs, books, poems, AI images, music and ideas, spiraling outwards from the source. At the center Jane Le Besque, who connected the individuals each with their deep knowledge, helping to delve deeper in to the understanding of Sempervivum and to keep the tracks on a line of scientific truth which complements the understanding of the historic uses of Sempervivum.

The Rickshaw is the conveyance, moving collaborative ideas between a botanist and an artist, between an artist and a physicist, between artist and poet, poet and musician, musician and physicist. It is exploring, interactive, translating, sometimes an entity, sometimes hybridization shifting from a physical components to a frequency, vibration. The Rickshaw has been pulled and pushed across different landscapes, twisting, branching, crossing its own path, vanishing and reappearing.

In a few places along this trajectory the ideas materialised into expressions of the personal truths being explored by its riders. The observations collected here together are these manifestations: paintings, plants, poems, music, videos, computer code, images, books dropped by the wayside from the Sempervivum Rickshaw.

Jane Le Besque